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A sound editor in filmmaking is a creative professional responsible for selecting and assembling sound recordings in preparation for the final sound mixing or mastering of a television program or motion picture.

Category: Sound Editor
Dickenson (1988) is a program that can be used to create COLOR word files (.WDS) that can be used with either SID-PIC, Stereo Player Version 5.0 and above or any SID-PIC compatible player that supports . It can also be used to create Extended Word Files for use with Stereo Player Version 8.0 or above.Imported on 9/25/88 - Intro coding by Storm Bringer and the Beastie Boys- This isn't the newest version, but I like to keep them all for completeness sake.If you don't know what this is close your browser and go find someone from the 80's to explain it to you.Monase v1.0 (Maniacs of Noise Sound Editor v1.0), released in 1990, imported by TSM in 1992 - Another nice sound effects editor for the Commodore 64.If you’re looking to download free sound effects, you’ve come to the right place!Here you’ll find all our sounds in convenient categories allowing you to search quickly and easily.

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