3 Portable Applications to Help You Find Serial Keys on Your Windows PC

Universal Archives - PC Product key

Universal Archives - PC Product key

Windows, pop- ups, custom calendar, swift searching and sorting, LAN compatible. TAPE BACKUP SUBSYSTEM consists of ARCHIVE tape unit, SYSGEN Controller. WinRAR Download Universal Crack is powerful and simple archive software that can extract, WinRAR Serial Key offers ethics checks, compression engine. A computer forensics examination can be limited to specific devices or hard drives of key custodians. It doesn't need to be performed on every device or.

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Five mostly free apps for compressing archive files in Windows

When you need to save disk space, backup data or send files back and forth to others quickly and efficiently, the best way is through file compression. You can use the ZIP archive utility which is baked right into the Windows operating system to get the job done. However, the ZIP file format is fairly limited in compression capability and is lacking in extra options. If you are looking for a power user style replacement that can support multiple archive types, there are some gems out there for handling archives in Windows with great power and flexibility.

This article is also available as a TechRepublic Screenshot Gallery.

Five Apps

1. 7-Zip

Created by Russian programmer Igor Pavlov, 7-Zip has set the gold standard for file archive utilities. Although the user interface is probably not the most intuitive for novices, the settings are quite customizable and the ability to really take full control over 7z output settings really helps you wring out every last bit of savings possible in your archives. The software is licensed under an LGPL license, making this suitable for home and commercial use.


2. ALZip

Unlike the aforementioned 7-Zip tool, ALZip aims to deliver a very easy user interface that is more straightforward and WinZip-like in its arrangement, yet supporting more archive formats in the process. ALZip used to be a commercial product with a price tag, but it was recently re-released as a free utility, simply by using the free product key provided on the download site.


3. PeaZip

This utility supports over a dozen different archive formats for opening and creating, just like the other tools I mentioned. An interesting stand out feature, however, is the password manager, which allows you to keep track of passwords for archives without the need to memorize them. PeaZip is licensed under the LGPLv3 and is available as freeware.


4. WinRAR

Though this product isn't freeware, Universal Archives - PC Product key, however, the trial mode is quite generous and lets you test out all the features of the utility. Also, I find the SFX (self-extracting archive) creator to be one of the better ones available, allowing you to go all out in customizing destination path, package icon, and a command run area for setup programs. If you do decide to register your copy of WinRAR, it's only $, with prices that go down as you purchase additional licenses.


5. Universal Extractor

Though not designed to create any archives, Universal Extractor extracts from many kinds of packages, including InstallShield archives and binary blobs as well as more exotic formats, using handy deep filescan technology. The tight integration with the Windows right-click context menu is superb and you are always just a few clicks away from dumping your files to a directory.


Disclaimer: Devil may cry crack Archives Interactive Inc. is not responsible for the content of the publisher's descriptions or user reviews on this site. We do not encourage or condone the use of any software in violation of applicable laws. CBS Interactive Inc. does not sell, resell, or license any of the products listed on the site. We cannot be held liable Universal Archives - PC Product key issues that arise from the download or use of these products.

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3 Methods to Recover Windows Product Key from Dead or Unbootable Windows

If you’re a computer technician or the neighborhood tech geek, quite frequently you could find yourself having to reinstall Windows for people. One very common and annoying problem that often arises is the user doesn’t have their Windows license to hand and you have to spend time in retrieving the genuine Windows product key from the system if the hard drive is readable. A big pain these days is Windows product key stickers on many machines such as laptops and netbooks are paper and don’t have the plastic protective coating meaning the key can easily become faint and impossible to read accurately.

There are a few ways to retrieve a key from an unbootable computer and most of them involve having access to another working computer. For example, taking out the hard drive and attaching it to a working machine, Universal Archives - PC Product key, running a tool that can read product keys, load the registry hive from within the Peachtree 2005 keygen,serial,crack,generator,unlock and retrieve the product key, Universal Archives - PC Product key. Or you can boot up PCRegedit, load the registry and then decrypt the key from a working computer. All those steps work but are a bit fiddly and time consuming.

We’ve tried very hard to look for a linux live CD that can retrieve the license key but couldn’t find an obvious one that doesn’t involve a long process. But thankfully there are other ways you can do this by using very popular Live Windows CD’s that can get the key from a Windows system that cannot boot.

Special Note: An important thing which needs mentioning is there are 2 different types of Windows product key you might have installed on your system, Universal Archives - PC Product key. If you have an OEM machine made by a manufacturer such as Dell, Sony, Asus etc, and have never re-installed Lightroom 5, your product key will be different. This is a special generic key pre-installed at the factory and is NOT the Universal Archives - PC Product key key as the one on a genuine sticker and cannot be used on a standard Windows re-install. If your key is from a sticker or has been typed in manually, these methods will work fine.

Method One

The first tool to try and recover your Windows product key is Lazesoft Recover My Password Home Edition. It’s a relatively new program released in (the Home ed.), and is designed specifically to do 2 things; recover your Windows product key from any version of Windows including Windows right up to Windows 8, and secondly it can reset passwords from local administrator and domain accounts. It’s also about as easy to use as you could expect this type of recovery task to get.

1. Download Recover My Password Home Edition and install the program, Universal Archives - PC Product key. More experienced users can extract the installer and make the program portable with Universal Extractor.

2. Start Recover My Password and press “Burn Bootable CD/USB Disk Now”, then click Next.

Burn bootable CD/USB disk now

3. On the media selection screen you can choose to either burn the Recover Universal Archives - PC Product key Password WinPE image straight to CD, write onto USB flash drive, or save it as an ISO file for writing out later. Press Commit when you have inserted the media or chosen an ISO save location. Depending on your system, some files will automatically download from shoppingdowntown.us that are part of the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) to help create the image.

bootable media selection

4. When it’s finished, close the program and boot the Universal Archives - PC Product key you want to retrieve the key from with the CD or USB drive, Universal Archives - PC Product key. Press enter at the Boot menu or let the 30 second timer countdown.

5. At the welcome screen click on the big drop down menu at the top and select “Find Windows Product Key&rdquo. If you have special third party drivers which are needed to recognize your drives, they can also be loaded from here. Click Next and then confirm in the popup you are using the program for non commercial use only.

find Windows Product Key

6. Now Lazesoft Recover My Password will search for and then display the Windows product key(s) for your system. The good thing is the program will automatically search all active Windows partitions you have on the system, and will show all the Windows product keys it comes across.

windows product keys foundUniversal Archives - PC Product key Recover My Password Home Edition is quite an impressive tool and seemed to work flawlessly on every system we tested it on. It’s also not architecture or Windows version specific so you can easily create the CD on Windows XP bit and Universal Archives - PC Product key will retrieve the keys on Windows 7 or 8 bit installs without any trouble.

Method Two

This second method uses the wildly popular Hirens Boot CD and an included utility from Nirsoft called Produkey which can retrieve Windows and also Office keys from a an offline Windows system.

1. Download Hirens Boot CD if you don’t already have it and burn Ark of Loif Free Download a CD, Universal Archives - PC Product key, or if you want to, put Hiren on a USB stick.

2. Boot the CD or USB, choose the Mini XP option and wait for the Windows desktop to load.

3. Click on the Hiren menu in the system tray and navigate to Passwords / Keys -> Product Keys -> ProduKey (Windows Key Viewer).

Hiren ProduKey

4. When Produkey loads press F9 to open the Select Source window. Click on the second option down “Load the product keys of external Windows installations from all disks currently plugged to your computer” and then click OK.

load the product keys of external Windows

The Windows and Universal Archives - PC Product key keys will then be displayed for you to write down or save to ABBYY FineReader Professional Edition 9.0 crack serial keygen text file.


Joshua’s Key Reader is also present in the menu as “XP Key Reader / Changer” and can also read Vista and 7 keys. Refer to section 5b below on how to use it.

There’s another method to retrieve your Windows product key on the next page.

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3 Portable Applications to Help You Find Serial Keys on Your Windows PC

If you've ever paid for a shareware application or subscription, you know the drill. Serial keys in the form of plain-text strings or files are pretty much the universal standard.

The web has evolved in a way that should make it relatively easy for you Universal Archives - PC Product key track down any keys you've paid for, be it by searching through your Gmail account or emailing the vendor directly, but that takes time. If you ever lose one of these keys, the preferred solution should (obviously) be to find it for yourself!

Those keys live inside your hard drive. Anything downloaded, uploaded, typed and sent, saved and stored exists somewhere on your hard drive. You've just got to know where to find it. That being said, let's look at three portable applications that ought to make finding those keys a little easier for you.

A Quick Note on Key Finders

Are They Malware?

Key finders from reputable developers are legit software, Universal Archives - PC Product key. Unfortunately, malware kits Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key Full Download [Latest] come packaged with them. There are a variety of reasons for this. In the wrong hands, an attacker can steal your license keys in order to sell bootleg copies. And a key finder is the easiest way to steal your keys.

Because of this association, key finders often show up as false positives on malware scans. So if you scan one of these apps and it shows up as potential malware, it might be an error. I went ahead and scanned each website for potential malware. Aside from some hits for hosting key finders, I saw no potential threats, Universal Archives - PC Product key.

Windows 10 Keys

Computers upgraded from Windows 7 or 8 to 10 receive a generic serial key. The generic key (which you don't need to back up) is sometimes as follows:

Windows 10 Home:  YTMG3-N6DKC-DKBM9GH-8HVX7

Windows 10 Home:  SL- BT79Q-G7N6G-PGBYW-4YWXF4BT

Windows 10 Pro: VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T

Microsoft uses a different method Universal Archives - PC Product key authenticating your Windows 10 PC, Universal Archives - PC Product key, based on a unique hardware ID code. However, Universal Archives - PC Product key, if you purchased a Universal Archives - PC Product key 10 license or own a computer with Windows 10 preinstalled, then you will have a unique ID key.

1. Magical Jellybean KeyFinder

Magical Jellybean KeyFinder (MJKF) is the industry standard in key recovery. In fact, many of today's key finders use code from MJKF, with only minor aesthetic modifications.

MJKF's Universal Archives - PC Product key executable is dead simple. Just download the application and run it. It automatically scans your registry for different kinds of product keys, including Microsoft Office and Windows. However, if you want a complete key recovery suite, you've got to pay. MJKF is the free version of Recover Keys. At $30, Recover Keys is among the more expensive key recovery apps. It does cover over 8, different programs, though.

Another great feature of MKJF is its ability to store keys as a text file. Just select File > Save As and choose the file name and save location.

2. LicenseCrawler

LicenseCrawler offers far more depth than MJKF. It does a complete scan of your registry and throws in extra features like batch processing and tools for saving keys in different formats.

However, there are a few tricks. First (after downloading and unzipping the archive), you must run the executable as an administrator. Right-click on shoppingdowntown.us and choose Run as administrator from the context menu.

Upon launching LicenseCrawler, you'll see a disclaimer doormat. Read the portion at the bottom. In order to progress, you must click on the right numbered button. It changes each time you start the program. In this case, the number to press is three.

After clicking through a couple disclaimers, you'll see the following interface:

LicenseCrawler offers network support. That means you can search for keys on another computer connected to your network. Other than that, I recommend scanning using the default options you can see in the above screenshot (assuming you're on a bit system). You may find the white list or black list features useful, but the default settings work best for the average user.

Click the Search button to begin your scan. You should get a popup similar to the following:

Unfortunately, LicenseCrawler isn't entirely free, Universal Archives - PC Product key. You have to watch a short text-based ad. On the positive side, it doesn't automatically install potentially unwanted programs (how to remove malware). Please note: You cannot disable the ad by clicking on Disable this Screen.

From here, LicenseCrawler scans your registry for keys. To start a search, click on Start Search on the bottom left side of the screen.

Even though it can scan the entirety of your registry, again, it's best to have a range of solutions in case one fails you.

After the scan completes, you can check the File or Tools menus to save, encrypt, and encode or decode LicenseCrawler dumps.

3. SterJo Key Finder

Last, but certainly not least, is SterJo Key Finder. SterJo provides scans for keys immediately after you launch it. From what I can tell, it offers the same level of comprehensiveness as MJBF.

However, it benefits from having an improved user interface. On top of that, it receives regular updates -- the last version of the app released in Most important, though, is that the app's developer also lists all the software that it's capable of finding.

On the other hand, if SterJo isn't for you, I recommend NirSoft's ProduKey. It's designed only for finding Windows and Office keys, but it does that job admirably.

What's the Best Key Finder?

None of these three solutions are perfect. There's no single program that will reveal % of your product keys. Nonetheless, they may be able to get the job done where your memory, email, or printed documents have failed. It's good to have these options.

Also, please be advised that these applications are safe and virus-free. I'm sure you can imagine why many anti-virus applications would see an application that reveals serial keys and crawls sensitive system areas as malicious. It is simply a false positive.

Let me know what you think of these key finders in the comments!

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How to Crack Windows 10 Effortlessly in 5 Mins?

Microsoft&#;s activation policy requires each genuine WINDOWS 10 PC to bind to a product key. Typically, users are asked to re-enter the product key when they upgrade to or reinstall Windows If your product key is lost or invalidated and you don&#;t want to spend any more money, you can try cracking Windows 10 activation. Next, I&#;ll cover how to hack Windows 10 activation in detail.

  1. Crack Windows 10 via KMSPico
    1. Download the KMSPico activator from the internet.
    2. Once the download is complete, disconnect Network connection.
    3. Disable all Antivirus software on you PC as the antivirus considers the KMSPico crack tool as a safety threat and will delete it.
    4. Make sure that Universal Archives - PC Product key first and second steps are complete. Now you can install the KMSPico crack file.
    5. Open the software.
    6. Click the &#;activation&#; button and wait a while, your Windows 10 copy will be activated successfully.
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Universal Archives - PC Product key

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