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MRT Dongle 3.62 Crack Archives

MRT Dongle 3.62 Crack Archives

MRT Latest Setup Download (V). You can download MRT New Setup & Latest MRT Key⭐ Find all version of MRT Dongle Latest Setup Crack for free. MRT Dongle Crack + Setup Without Box Free Download [] MRT Dongle Crack is unlocking and repairing tool dongle for Chines Mobile phones. MRT Dongle is one of the best flashing tools for the chines to publish the latest Setup of MRT Dongle version in the new year MRT Dongle 3.62 Crack Archives

MRT Dongle 3.62 Crack Archives - with you

MRT V Latest Setup

AndroidFileHost Server MRT V Latest Setup

Google Drive MRT V

Lenovo Box MRT Key Ver

Google Drive  Fixed bugs previous ver " height="" src="shoppingdowntown.us%2Bvjpg" width="">

Lenovo Filez  Android File Host

Fixed Vivo v15 Pro 6GB-EMMC Fixed bugs previous ver " height="" src="shoppingdowntown.us%2Bvjpg" width="">

Lenovo Filez MRT V

What's New Update in MRT V

Huawei Model:

VIVO Models Update:

Note : Special thx to Simon Ng

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All latest update will be announced at Martview Forum at this link

Date: 12th July

Date: 22nd June

  • new add Meizu max x e unlock a new way 
  • new MRT Dongle 3.62 Crack Archives Vivo v5s 
  • new add Gionee phones in the MTK tools
  • new add oppo r11 unlock support 
  • <in face is qualcomm cpu,and same as r11 plus,but no have set in the hand,if you need unlock this you can try>

Date: 8th June

  • Add Meizu M3X Meilan X account support
  • Add VIVO V5 full support
  • Add Gionee X20 X25 Full Support
  • LeEco account remove add X X Support
  • MRT download server add xm_edl_pinout software this is free for all
  • support all the xiao mi even Miui system into edl mode
  • MTK add write recovery file with this you can flash twrp or others recovery, and in the 3rd recovery you can remove password by adb

Date: 8th May

  • Added Qualcomm tool
  • Huawei DIG-AL00 Unlock
  • One plus a unlock
  • xpaly6 unlock
  • add Vivo oppo MTK Qualcomm IMEI repair
  • fix some bugs

Date: 21st March

• Adjust oppo QC format (unlock) new function, MRT Dongle 3.62 Crack Archives,
• Added Huawei ~ new models FRP remove and account remove(like mate9)
• Added FB tool ver
• Bugs fixed in the previous version

Date: 4th March

  • The new update added a lot of OPPO Qualcomm Mobile Unlock With OneClick (Supported - Account Remove and Password Remove
  • Add Huawei Flashing by fast boot mode <flashfile is updated app> It's Beta software
  • Add a lot new inside you can feel it
  • Fixed some as known bugs
  • Note: All the MRT must use this new version for UNLOCKCASE

Date: 5th Jan

  • New update add service2 and move the service, MRT Dongle 3.62 Crack Archives, now SysTools Pen Drive Recovery Crack Full [New] the software faster
  • New update support mtk remove frp<old CPU and new CPU all are support>
  • New update support oppo r9s a57 and more<qualcomm cpu>
  • New update adjust oppo r7 full <like r7s r7p> all the oppo form r7 start mtk chip
  • New update support vivo x9 y55a y66 and others new mobile
  • New update support Meizu note5 5 6s x and more
  • New update mtk cpu support mt

Date: 15th Nov

  • The New Update Add Meizu Pro6s support
  • The New Update Add MeiLan 5 Support
  • MTK Tools Add Huawei option,Support Huawei new Model
  • MTK Tools add Oppo Option,Support Oppo New modle<FRP and Unlock Just one click,flash\read flash\imei change also support>
  • Tip:OPPO new model when you connect it need hold vol up key!!!
  • MRT-HW Tools Update to Ver  
  • Support More model(Qualcomm and Hisilicon CPU)
  • User's Manual for how to use MRT MTK-Tool

Date: 1st Nov

  • The new Update adds Huawei new function with fast boot
  • Stable Huawei service 
  • fix some bugs in the mrt-dongle

Date: 26th Oct

  • Fixed some bugs, MRT Dongle 3.62 Crack Archives, and now Meizu Note2 after unlocking % working.
  • Adjust HUAWEI software
  • Fixed some bugs in the previous version

Date: 21th Oct

  • New Full Support X20/X25 encrypt Boot and Huawei and More

Date: 6th Oct

  • New Update Fix MTK X20 X25 CPU Some Bugs

Date: 30th Sep

Date: 22nd Sep

Date: 16th Sep

Date: 22nd June

Date: 8th June

  • MTK Special Tool V By MRT--BBK VIVO/OPPO/ HongMi FRP Unlock Support and More
Источник: [shoppingdowntown.us]
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Phone Added :

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