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Software Archives s

Archivematica is an integrated suite of open-source software tools that allows authentic, reliable and system-independent Archival Information Packages. Furthermore, the survey found that “the most frequent type of available access is through card catalog records or manual finding aids,” which. Web archiving is the process of collecting portions of the World Wide Web to ensure the information is preserved in an archive for future researchers.

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Web archiving is the process of collecting portions of the World Wide Web to ensure the information is preserved in an archive for future researchers, historians, and the public. Web archivists typically employ Web crawlers for automated capture due to the massive scale of the Web. Ever-evolving Web standards require continuous evolution of archiving tools to keep up with the changes in Web technologies to ensure reliable and meaningful capture and replay of archived web pages.



Resources for Web Publishers

These resources can help when working with individuals or organisations who publish on the web, and who want to make sure their site can be archived.

Tools & Software

This list of tools and software is intended to briefly describe some of the most important and widely-used tools related to web archiving. For more details, we recommend you refer to (and contribute to!) these excellent resources from other groups: * Comparison of web archiving software * Awesome Website Change Monitoring


  • - A non-WARC-based tool which hooks into the Chrome browser and archives everything you browse making it available for offline replay. (In Development)
  • ArchiveBox - A tool which maintains an additive archive from RSS feeds, bookmarks, and links using wget, Chrome headless, and other methods (formerly ). (In Development)
  • archivenow - A Python library to push web resources into on-demand web archives. (Stable)
  • - A plugin for Chrome and other Chromium based browsers that lets you interactively archive web pages, replay them, and export them as WARC data. Also available as an Electron based desktop application.
  • Browsertrix Crawler - A Chrome based high-fidelity crawling system, designed to run a complex, customizable browser-based crawl in a single Docker container.
  • Brozzler - A distributed web crawler (爬虫) that uses a real browser (Chrome or Chromium) to fetch pages and embedded urls and to extract links. (Stable)
  • Cairn - A npm package and CLI tool for saving webpages. (Stable)
  • Chronicler - Web browser with record and replay functionality. (In Development)
  • Crawl - A simple web crawler in Golang. (Stable)
  • crocoite - Crawl websites using headless Google Chrome/Chromium and save resources, static DOM snapshot and page screenshots to WARC files. (In Development)
  • F(b)arc - A commandline tool and Python library for archiving data from Facebook using the Graph API. (Stable)
  • freeze-dry - JavaScript library to turn page into static, self-contained HTML document; useful for browser extensions. (In Development)
  • grab-site - The archivist's web crawler: WARC output, dashboard for all crawls, dynamic ignore patterns. (Stable)
  • Heritrix - An open source, extensible, web-scale, archival quality web crawler. (Stable)
  • html2warc - A simple script to convert offline data into a single WARC file. (Stable)
  • HTTrack - An open source website copying utility. (Stable)
  • monolith - CLI tool to save a web page as a single HTML file. (Stable)
  • Obelisk - Go package and CLI tool for saving web page as single HTML file. (Stable)
  • SingleFile - Browser extension for Firefox/Chrome and CLI tool to save a faithful copy of a complete page as a single HTML file. (Stable)
  • SiteStory - A transactional archive that selectively captures and stores transactions that take place between a web client (browser) and a web server. (Stable)
  • Social Feed Manager - Open source software that enables users to create social media collections from Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Sina Weibo public APIs. (Stable)
  • Squidwarc - An open source, high-fidelity, page interacting archival crawler that uses Chrome or Chrome Headless directly. (In Development)
  • StormCrawler - A collection of resources for building low-latency, scalable web crawlers on Apache Storm. (Stable)
  • twarc - A command line tool and Python library for archiving Twitter JSON data. (Stable)
  • WAIL - A graphical user interface (GUI) atop multiple web archiving tools intended to be used as an easy way for anyone to preserve and replay web pages; Python, Electron. (Stable)
  • Warcprox - WARC-writing MITM HTTP/S proxy. (Stable)
  • WARCreate - A Google Chrome extension for archiving an individual webpage or website to a WARC file. (Stable)
  • Warcworker - An open source, dockerized, queued, high fidelity web archiver based on Squidwarc with a simple web GUI. (Stable)
  • Wayback - A toolkit for snapshot webpage to Internet Archive,, IPFS and beyond. (Stable)
  • Web2Warc - An easy-to-use and highly customizable crawler that enables anyone to create their own little Web archives (WARC/CDX). (Stable)
  • Web Curator Tool - Open-source workflow management for selective web archiving. (Stable)
  • WebMemex - Browser extension for Firefox and Chrome which lets you archive web pages you visit. (In Development)
  • Webrecorder - Create high-fidelity, interactive recordings of any web site you browse. (Stable)
  • Wget - An open source file retrieval utility that of version supports writing warcs. (Stable)
  • Wget-lua - Wget with Lua extension. (Stable)
  • Wpull - A Wget-compatible (or remake/clone/replacement/alternative) web downloader and crawler. (Stable)


  • InterPlanetary Wayback (ipwb) - Web Archive (WARC) indexing and replay using IPFS.
  • OpenWayback - The open source project aimed to develop Wayback Machine, the key software used by web archives worldwide to play back archived websites in the user's browser. (Stable)
  • PyWb - A Python (2 and 3) implementation of web archival replay tools, sometimes also known as 'Wayback Machine'. (Stable)
  • Reconstructive - Reconstructive is a ServiceWorker module for client-side reconstruction of composite mementos by rerouting resource requests to corresponding archived copies (JavaScript).
  • - A browser-based, fully client-side replay engine for both local and remote WARC files.
  • warc2html - Converts WARC files to static HTML suitable for browsing offline or rehosting.

Search & Discovery

  • Mink - A Google Chrome extension for querying Memento aggregators while browsing and integrating live-archived web navigation. (Stable)
  • playback - A toolkit for searching archived webpages from Internet Archive,, Memento and beyond. (In Development)
  • SecurityTrails - Web based archive for WHOIS and DNS records. REST API available free of charge.
  • Tempas v1 - Temporal web archive search based on Delicious tags. (Stable)
  • Tempas v2 - Temporal web archive search based on links and anchor texts extracted from the German web from to (results are not limited to German pages, e.g., Obama@ in Tempas). (Stable)
  • webarchive-discovery - WARC and ARC full-text indexing and discovery tools, with a number of associated tools capable of using the index shown below. (Stable)
    • Shine - A prototype web archives exploration UI, developed with researchers as part of the Big UK Domain Data for the Arts and Humanities project. (Stable)
    • SolrWayback - A backend Java and frontend VUE JS project with freetext search and a build in playback engine. Require Warc files has been index with the Warc-Indexer. The web application also has a wide range of data visualization tools and data export tools that can be used on the whole webarchive. SolrWayback 4 Bundle release contains all the software and dependencies in an out-of-the box solution that is easy to install.
    • Warclight - A Project Blacklight based Rails engine that supports the discovery of web archives held in the WARC and ARC formats. (In Development)
    • Wasp - A fully functional prototype of a personal web archive and search system. (In Development)
    • Other possible options for builting a front-end are listed on in the wiki, here.


  • ArchiveTools - Collection of tools to extract and interact with WARC files (Python).
  • gowarcserver - BadgerDB-based capture index (CDX) and WARC record server, used to index and serve WARC files (Go).
  • har2warc - Convert HTTP Archive (HAR) -> Web Archive (WARC) format (Python).
  • - Service to return the status of a web page or save it to the Internet Archive. Returns JSON via browser or command line via CURL using GET (Golang Package). (Stable)
  • HTTPreserve Workbench - Tool and API to describe the status of a web page encoded in a simple JSON output describing current status, and earliest and latest links on Save a web page to the Internet Archive. Audit lists of URIs and output a CSV with the data described above (Golang). (In Development)
  • httrack2warc - Convert HTTrack archives to WARC format (Java).
  • MementoMap - A Tool to Summarize Web Archive Holdings (Python). (In Development)
  • MemGator - A Memento Aggregator CLI and Server (Golang). (Stable)
  • node-cdxj - CDXJ file parser ( (Stable)
  • OutbackCDX - RocksDB-based capture index (CDX) server supporting incremental updates and compression. Can be used as backend for OpenWayback, PyWb and Heritrix. (Stable)
  • py-wasapi-client - Command line application to download crawls from WASAPI (Python). (Stable)
  • The Archive Browser - The Archive Browser is a program that lets you browse the contents of archives, as well as extract them. It will let you open files from inside archives, and lets you preview them using Quick Look. WARC is supported (macOS only, Proprietary app).
  • The Unarchiver - Program to extract the contents of many archive formats, inclusive of WARC, to a file system. Free variant of The Archive Browser (macOS only, Proprietary app).
  • tikalinkextract - Extract hyperlinks as a seed for web archiving from folders of document types that can be parsed by Apache Tika (Golang, Apache Tika Server). (In Development)
  • wasapi-downloader - Java command line application to download crawls from WASAPI. (Stable)
  • WarcPartitioner - Partition (W)ARC Files by MIME Type and Year. (Stable)
  • webarchive-indexing - Tools for bulk indexing of WARC/ARC files on Hadoop, EMR or local file system.
  • wikiteam - Tools for downloading and preserving wikis. (Stable)

WARC I/O Libraries

  • HadoopConcatGz - A Splitable Hadoop InputFormat for Concatenated GZIP Files (and ). (Stable)
  • jwarc - Reading and write WARC files with a typesafe API (Java).
  • Jwat - Libraries and tools for reading/writing/validating WARC/ARC/GZIP files (Java). (Stable)
  • node-warc - Parse WARC files or create WARC files using either Electron or chrome-remote-interface ( (Stable)
  • Warcat - Tool and library for handling Web ARChive (WARC) files (Python). (Stable)
  • warcio - Streaming WARC/ARC library for fast web archive IO (Python).
  • warctools - Library to work with ARC and WARC files (Python).
  • webarchive - Golang readers for ARC and WARC webarchive formats (Golang).


  • ArchiveSpark - An Apache Spark framework (not only) for Web Archives that enables easy data processing, extraction as well as derivation. (Stable)
  • Archives Unleashed Notebooks - Notebooks for working with web archives with the Archives Unleashed Toolkit, and derivatives generated by the Archives Unleashed Toolkit. (Stable)
  • Archives Unleashed Toolkit - Archives Unleashed Toolkit (AUT) is an open-source platform for analyzing web archives with Apache Spark. (Stable)
  • Tweet Archvies Unleashed Toolkit - An open-source toolkit for analyzing line-oriented JSON Twitter archives with Apache Spark. (In Development)

Quality Assurance


Community Resources

Other Awesome Lists

Blogs and Scholarship

Mailing Lists



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P white logo


Proficio adapts to your institutional workflows, manages physical and digital assets, easily searches across museum, archives, library and archaeological collections and generates reports to share on the Web.

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Proficio Elements is affordable and provides intuitive workflows for managing collections, exhibits, loans, accessions, sharing collections online, and more.


Proficio Mobile provides access to inventory, updating, and adding new records. Docent view via mobile devices.


Proficio for the Web shares collections content with images and multimedia on your website from your Proficio CMS.


Your secure Proficio Cloud account is backed up, updated, and supported. Spend less time with IT and more with your collection.

Re:discovery Software, Inc. is the leading independent provider of professional grade, feature rich collections management software for art museums, archives, libraries, archaeological collections, historical museums, and historical societies, both nationally and globally.

Proficio and Proficio Elements are popular and proven software technologies, particularly proficient for managing workflow, inventory management, art collections, documentation and organization, tracking, managing loans and accessions.

With more than 30 years of development and a team of museum collections management software professionals behind the scenes, Re:discovery Software, Inc. continues its advancements to include Proficio Cloud, Proficio Mobile, and Proficio for the Web.



The diversity of the catalog styles in one centralized location allows for a consistent workflow across all your collections.  Proficio includes an Art Catalog, History Catalog, Natural History Catalog, Hierarchical Archives, Reference Library and Archaeology, all in one place designed to look and feel the same for easy use amongst your whole team. Easily keep track of your entire national and international institutional collection.


Navigation made intuitive so you don’t have to go through multiple screens to get what you need. The main objective of a CMS is to have a centralized location to find information about your collections efficiently. Find what you’re looking for with Google-like keyword searches. Take advantage of convenient sorting, grouping, and filtering of records. Allow your fingers to rest more and your brain to stay actively engaged with your collections.


In each catalog maintain all your records with appropriate documentation.  Accessions, Deaccessions, Loans, Exhibits, Conservation, Shipping, Location, and more.  Allow access to users with specific permissions.  Set up workflows to enhance productivity within the different components of your collections management.

Learn More


Most new users require minimal training to become familiar with their collections management software navigation and data entry features. High quality training available by webinar, user group, and user manual if needed. Powerful mass updating capabilities included for changing locations or cleaning up data as simple examples. Simplified data entry tools reduce the number of keystrokes for adding and updating records, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Learn More


When it comes to collections management software, and extremely powerful searching capability across all data fields, including attached multimedia is a must. Search across all your fields with a user defined keyword.  Filter, sort, and group pieces of the collection for reporting, inventory, or later use.  The options are virtually endless in the ways you can interact with your collections.  An important aspect of a CMS is to access the data held within in an efficient manner.


Access can be assigned per user with different permission settings.  From Administrator to a Read Only user, easily determine who on the team does what with the institution’s collections.  Allow volunteers access to only certain parts without the ability to delete records as an example. The configurations are extensive for each individual user within Proficio. Make certain metadata fields required for entry in each catalog.


Attach unlimited digital assets to the appropriate catalog record. It’s easy to zoom images, view a slideshow, and opt to include the images in a report. Keep track of certain metadata within the image, manage it for the online collection, and  easily search for use within the organization.  Upload video, audio, PDF’s and Word documents to each record to then share to the public site.

&#;-Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
&#;-Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School
&#;-St. Catherine's School
&#;-Gregg Museum of Art & Design
&#;-Saint Louis Science Center
&#;-Virginia Theological Seminary
&#;-National Trust for Historic Preservation

In , we surveyed as many museum collections software companies as we could find and then surveyed some of their clients. Re:discovery Software was the company that received the highest marks in usability of the software, and more importantly, staff support. Since we have been clients, we also can attest to the high quality of the software and the terrific staff support. You guys rock!

-North Carolina State Historic Sites and Properties

Who We Are

Wherever you need collections management software to catalog and organize a collection and want a responsive and an intuitive CMS to find data through a centralized system, turn to Re:discovery Software, Inc. At Re:discovery Software we design collections management software to blend into your workflow and make managing and accessing your collection simple and productive.

We have a notable and diverse clientele including art, history, & science museums, corporate & private collections, archives, universities, research libraries, non-profits, archaeological sites, government agencies, and more.

Read About Our History



Collections Management Software should fit well into your workflow—not get in the way. We at Re:discovery Software, Inc. want to ensure that Proficio and Proficio Elements fit into your process and size institution. Our software is powerful and intuitive, allowing you to focus on the big picture no matter the size and workload requirement.

Collections Management Software should fit well into your workflow—not get in the way. We at Re:discovery Software, Inc. want to ensure that Proficio and Proficio Elements fit into your process and size institution. Our software is powerful and intuitive, allowing you to focus on the big picture no matter the size and workload requirement.

Collections Management Software should fit well into your workflow—not get in the way. We at Re:discovery Software, Inc. want to ensure that Proficio and Proficio Elements fit into your process and size institution. Our software is powerful and intuitive, allowing you to focus on the big picture no matter the size and workload requirement.


P white logo

All the tools, customization & features you need to manage your any size collection plus:

  • Will Fit Any Level of Collection
  • Ability to Manage Museum + Archive + Research Library in a Single Program
  • Extensively Manage Archaeological Sites

Explore the Features

White Elements

Select tools & features you need to manage smaller institutional collections:

  • Designed with Smaller Institutions in Mind
  • Ability to Manage Archive + Museum + Research Library in a Single Program

Explore the Features

Select Your Options
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A collection of applications and programs for smartphones, including Android, Apple and well, the others.


Dec 30, /15

A collection of APK (Android Package) Software Programs uploaded by various users.

Kodi (formerly XBMC) is a free and open-source media player software application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Kodi is available for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms, with a software foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most streaming media, such as videos, music, podcasts, and videos from the Internet, as well as all common digital media files from local and network storage

The Vintage Software collection gathers various efforts by groups to classify, preserve, and provide historical software. These older programs, many of them running on defunct and rare hardware, are provided for purposes of study, education, and historical reference. 

One of the most historically important artifacts to come from the home computer telecommunications revolution was shareware CDs, compact discs put out by companies containing hundreds of megabytes of shareware. Initially containing less than the full capacity of the discs (mb, later mb) these items eventually began brimming with any sort of computer data that could be packaged and sold. As material "ran out", that is, as sellers of these CDs found they were unable to easily find


The Internet Archive Software Library is the ultimate software crate-digger's dream: Tens of thousands of playable software titles from multiple computer platforms, allowing instant access to decades of computer history in your browser through the JSMESS emulator. The intention is to ultimately have most major computer platforms available; currently, the collection includes the Apple II , Atari , and ZX Spectrum computers. In each case, sub-collections contain vast sets of disk and
Topics: software, floppies, images, disks, emulation, Apple II, Atari , Atari 8-Bit, ZX Spectrum

As older software falls out of accessibility, various groups and individuals have created large compilations of wide ranges of titles and works, resulting in often-very-large compilations that are then accessible in bulk. Some are well-maintained catalogs while others are simply mega-size archive files. This collection compiles the compilations into one place.

This is a wide and variant collection of CD-ROM based software, that is, software that came on a CD-ROM for installation on computers, or played in consoles. Ranging from applications and games to gatherings of public-domain software or clip art, the heyday of the CD-ROM is roughly to In all cases, the capacity of the CD-ROM stayed steady at mb a side, although some used tricks to claim they had more (due to compression, or adding up both sides of two-sided CD-ROMs). Most are


Jan 9, /18


These are images of CD-ROM software that do not have any other major documentation or scans. While they may have useful information, some effort will be required to extract the data.

MS-DOS (/ˌɛmɛsˈdɒs/ em-es-doss; short for Microsoft Disk Operating System) is an operating system for xbased personal computers mostly developed by Microsoft. It was the most commonly used member of the DOS family of operating systems, and was the main operating system for IBM PC compatible personal computers during the s to the mids. IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANY ISSUES WITH RUNNING THESE PROGRAMS, PLEASE READ THE FAQ. Thanks to eXo for contributions and assistance with this

This item contains the driving engines behind "The Emularity", a collection of emulators optimized for browser viewing, including javascript/webassembly version of MAME, DOSBOX, SCRIPTED AMIGA EMULATOR, and PCE. Click on the "SHOW ALL" link to view the full collection of support files. All * files are javascript modules executed in the browser. All .json files are configurations of the operation of the emulator.

Software for MS-DOS machines that represent entertainment and games. The collection includes action, strategy, adventure and other unique genres of game and entertainment software. Through the use of the EM-DOSBOX in-browser emulator, these programs are bootable and playable. Please be aware this browser-based emulation is still in beta - contact Jason Scott , Software Curator, if there are issues or questions. Thanks to eXo for contributions and assistance with this archive. Thank you for your


The Internet Archive Console Living Room harkens back to the revolution of the change in the hearth of the home, when the fireplace and later television were transformed by gaming consoles into a center of videogame entertainment. Connected via strange adapters and relying on the television's speaker to put out beeps and boops, these games were resplendent with simple graphics and simpler rules. The home console market is credited with slowly shifting attention from the arcade craze of the

Uploaded software from a variety of sources, indicating in some way it was once a professional product. They have not been vetted for accuracy and only general malware/virus checks. Items are added to this collection automatically.

This is an unofficial collection of "Redump" uploads, claiming to be part of the Redump Disc Preservation Project, a longstanding effort to make archival copies of the CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs of various consoles and platforms over the years. They should not be considered canonical, although many will be accurate. The redump project is located at

An .ipa file is an iOS application archive file which stores an iOS app. Each .ipa file includes a binary for the ARM architecture and can only be installed on an iOS device. Files with the .ipa extension can be uncompressed by changing the extension to .zip and unzipping. Most .ipa files cannot be installed on the iPhone Simulator because they do not contain a binary for the x86 architecture. To run applications on the simulator, original project files which can be opened using the Xcode SDK

The Commodore 64, also known as the C64 or the CBM 64, is an 8-bit home computer introduced in January by Commodore International (first shown at the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas, January 7–10, ). It has been listed in the Guinness World Records as the highest-selling single computer model of all time, with independent estimates placing the number sold between 10 and 17 million units. Volume production started in early , marketing in August for US$ (equivalent to

favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 4 reviews )
Topic: vm

CD-ROMs of support for Operating Systems.

Master Royale infinity
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topic: Master Royale infinity

CyberFlix TV for Android Mobile and TV OS
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 3 reviews )
Topic: CyberFlix TV Android Hotfix

TV v
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 3 reviews )
Topic: TV v

Cuco TV V Adfree
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 4 reviews )
Topic: Cuco TV V Adfree


Take a step back in time and revisit your favorite DOS and Windows games. The files available in this collection consist primarily of PC demos, freeware, and shareware. These files are the original releases which will require intermediate to advanced knowledge to install and run on modern operating systems.  Where possible online play is enabled to enjoy the game directly in your browser. New files are added to this collection on a regular basis. Specific news regarding major updates
Topics: PC Games, Vintage computer games, Windows games, DOS games


Software generally aimed towards younger audiences, ranging from education to entertainment.  We recommend that you consider the date of publication and the source of the media when deciding whether it is a good resource for your child, and review everything first for age-appropriateness
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 2 reviews )
Topics: app, apk


The Internet Arcade is a web-based library of arcade (coin-operated) video games from the s through to the s, emulated in JSMAME, part of the JSMESS software package. Containing hundreds of games ranging through many different genres and styles, the Arcade provides research, comparison, and entertainment in the realm of the Video Game Arcade.   The game collection ranges from early "bronze-age" videogames, with black and white screens and simple sounds, through to large-scale

This is a large-scale collection of cracked software for the Commodore Usually containing title screens and animations by crackers, as well as modifications or cheat menus for the programs inside. They're included to allow easy access to all the variations of C64 software released, although other collections in the C64 Software Library are better focused.

Movie HD V Adfree
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 2 reviews )
Topic: Movie HD V Adfree


One of the most historically important artifacts to come from the home computer telecommunications revolution was shareware CDs, compact discs put out by companies containing hundreds of megabytes of shareware. Initially containing less than the full capacity of the discs (mb, later mb) these items eventually began brimming with any sort of computer data that could be packaged and sold. As material "ran out", that is, as sellers of these CDs found they were unable to easily find
Topics: Mark Fugitt, Mike Laybourn, sysop, RBBS software

Flash animation or Flash cartoon is an animated film that is created with the Adobe Animate (formerly Flash Professional) platform or similar animation software and often distributed in the SWF file format. The term Flash animation refers to both the file format and the medium in which the animation is produced. Flash animation has enjoyed mainstream popularity since the mids, with many Flash-animated television series, television commercials, and award-winning online shorts being produced

Movies TV Shows & Live TV Free
Topic: apk

The Old School Emulation Center (TOSEC) is a retrocomputing initiative dedicated to the cataloging and preservation of software, firmware and resources for microcomputers, minicomputers and video game consoles. The main goal of the project is to catalog and audit various kinds of software and firmware images for these systems. As of release , TOSEC catalogs over unique computing platforms and continues to grow. As of this time the project had identified and cataloged ,

Cartoon HD V Adfree
Topic: Cartoon HD V Adfree

IPVanish Apk 
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topic: IPVanish Apk

Viva TV v
Topic: Viva TV v

Film Plus V Adfree
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topic: Film Plus V Adfree

Video Editor for Android
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 14 reviews )
Topics: Editor, Android

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This site contains historical archives of the Apache Software Foundation.


Archive of public software releases

The main archive of all public software releases of the Apache Software Foundation. This is simply a copy of the main distribution directory with the only difference that nothing will be ever removed over here. If you are looking for current software releases, please visit one of our numerous mirrors. Do note that a daily limit of 5GB per IP is being enforced on, to prevent abuse.

Mail Archives

Browsable archives of our mailing lists.

Archive of the GNATS bug database

All the messages in the (now obsolete) GNATS bug database, mostly related to the Apache HTTP Server Project. The currently active issue-tracking systems can be found at

If you are looking for more information on the Apache Software Foundation, please visit its main website.

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Soutron Archive

Archive Management Software by Soutron. Cloud Based Archive Solutions

Archive Management Software

Archive Collections Screenshot of Soutron SoftwareNot every archive is the same. When choosing an archive solution from Soutron you are guaranteed the freedom and flexibility to structure data exactly as you wish.

You might have just a single Collection or multiple Collections. However you want to work, we support you. So if you want to use ISAD(g) standards to catalogue content or follow your own style, Soutron is ideally suited to your needs.

You can define relationships between records and have as many series and sub-series levels as you wish so that your Collection is presented in the best way possible. Copyright and control over who can see and download materials are also flexibly applied so you can protect your valuable data and yet make it available to your user community.

Showcase your archive collection

Soutron Archive - Your very own branded Search Portal

When you have something precious it deserves to be showcased. Soutron’s Portal technology is designed to help you to showcase your work in the way that you want to without restrictions.

Because of the inherent design flexibility in Soutron, your archive system can be seamlessly embedded with any web site or Discovery service and is page displays are mobile device friendly.

Find out more about our Search Portal solutions and also client examples.

Learn how you can create an audio video archive for your hosted YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud content. For example, video clips from your YouTube channel can be presented and played directly within your archive. All searchable from your very own branded Search Portal. Expand your archives reach and engagement with Soutron.


Promote your archive on social media

If you have a public facing archive and wish to use the power of social media to help reach, engage and find a larger audience, then take advantage of Soutron Archive and the social media sharing features. Now available to help you promote your collections on social media.

Promote your Archive on Social Media

Place your Archive on Google

For those with public facing collections who wish to extend their audience and interest in the collections and content you curate, open up your archive to Google. Our Search Portal can integrate with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to help Google index the records in your collection.

This will help a worldwide audience find you online and drive more interest into the work you do. However, if you wish to keep your collections private, we can ensure Google and others are unable to access the content and records in your catalogue.


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You can watch a thematic video

Massive Atari Software Archive - TOSEC and the Internet Archive

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